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When you get behind the wheel of a new Land Rover vehicle, you’re immediately treated to a luxurious cabin packed full of technology. Meanwhile, the driving dynamics and exterior design are absolutely breathtaking. Land Rover vehicles provide drivers with a vehicle offering that’s unparalleled by any other competitor. That’s why when something goes awry, we know you want to get it addressed right away so that you can be back on Ridgewood roads in no time.

With that being said, if there’s a warning light illuminated in your Land Rover, we suggest you visit our service experts to remedy the issue. But, if you’re curious what the warning lights mean, we’ve got you covered. Today, the experts at Land Rover Paramus will go over the following and more to help you diagnose your Land Rover warning lights:

  • What it means when your Range Rover brake light is on
  • What is the Land Rover triangle warning light in the dash
  • “ASL” warning meaning
  • What to do if your Range Rover has a triangle with an exclamation point warning light

Land Rover Warning Lights: Color Meaning

Before we touch on the ASL warning meaning and what to do if your Range Rover has a triangle with an exclamation point warning light, you’ll want to know the color codes of the warning lights. Generally, each Land Rover warning light has a specific color that indicates the severity of the warning. Here are what the colors of the warning lights mean:

  • Red: If your warning light is red, this indicates an emergency and it’s best you pull over in a safe location. You should also get in touch with a local Land Rover dealer near Jersey City to assist with the next steps.
  • Yellow: Whether your Land Rover has a triangle warning light in the dash or your Range Rover brake light is on, if the warning indicator is yellow, it means you need to visit a service center. It’s best to not ignore this warning as it can cause you to have major and costly repairs.
  • Green: In most cases, if you see a green light in your dashboard, it likely means that one of your Land Rover features is active. A green light usually means there’s no need to worry.

Common Land Rover Warning Lights

Your Land Rover vehicle is packed full of safety features to ensure that you stay safe on every Fort Lee drive. That means if you see any kind of warning light in your dash, feel free to schedule a service appointment to have one of our technicians take a look. However, there’s no need to be alarmed right away. We’re going to go over some of the common warning lights you might see so that you’re prepared to address the issue. Let’s take a look below:

  • ASL: The ASL warning meaning is “Automatic Speed Limiter”. This is a feature of Land Rover vehicles that allows you to set a speed limiter. Once set, your vehicle will accelerate like normal until it reaches the speed limiter.
  • Triangle: If you look in the dash of your Land Rover and you see a triangle warning light, it could mean a plethora of things. This is a general warning message and it’s best you bring it into a service center for a better understanding of the warning light.
  • Brakes: When your Range Rover brake light is on, it likely means you have low brake fluid. You can top off brake fluid to see if the issue is addressed. But, if the light remains on, you likely have a different brake issue at play.
  • Engine: If you notice a thermometer symbol or a check engine light, it’s possible your vehicle is overheating. You’ll want to stop driving your vehicle as soon as possible and have the overheating issue diagnosed.
  • Snowflake: The snowflake light indicates that outdoor temperatures are at or below freezing so take caution with driving.
  • Safety: Your Land Rover vehicle is likely equipped with advanced safety features such as Hill Descent Control and Lane Departure Warning. If any of these lights are illuminated green, it means that these safety systems are active.
  • Tires: This warning light will look like a flat tire with an exclamation point. Usually this means that your tires have lost air pressure and will need air added. If this light constantly comes on, you might have a slow tire leak and will need new tires.

Diagnose Your Land Rover Today With Land Rover Paramus!

Your Land Rover vehicle is advanced and has plenty of safety features implemented to keep you safe on the Paramus streets. If your Range Rover has a triangle with an exclamation point warning light or any other indicator, bring it into the Land Rover Paramus service center today to have the issue diagnosed. For other questions or concerns, please contact us online!

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