Land Rover Paramus Wants to Buy Your Vehicle, Even if You Don’t Buy One From Us.

Are you ready to sell your car in NJ? We can help! We want to make you an offer on your current vehicle, whether you decide to buy a new model from us or not. Our experienced staff in Paramus is willing to work with you, and there are no limitations on mileage, age, or condition.


We want to take the hassle out of selling your car, so we make it easy as possible for you to part ways with your current vehicle. So, how do you sell a car in NJ? With our team, it’s a simple three-step process:

  1. Bring Your Vehicle to Our Dealership: We recommend making an appointment, but it is not necessary. One of our associates will help you get the process started, as well as, answer any additional questions you may have. Please bring in your title or pay-off information, your driver’s license, and any keys, manual, etc.
  2. Our Experienced Team Will Appraise Your Vehicle: Enjoy our dealership’s amenities while you wait for one of our team members to get back with you to appraise your vehicle, but it should only take about 30 minutes. You can feel free to speak with the appraiser about any additional information you may have or need.
  3. Receive Your Offer: Any offer made on your vehicle is good for up to seven days, provided that there has been no change made to the vehicle. Whether you decide to sell your vehicle on the spot, trade it in, or decide to spend time thinking it over we have you covered!

Is Now the Right Time to Sell Your Car?

Maybe you know that you want to sell your car in NJ, but you’re not completely sure if now is the right time. You should know that used cars are currently fetching record prices on dealership lots in Ridgewood and Jersey City! In other words, right now might be the perfect time to sell your car—and here’s why:

  • A shortage of semiconductors has caused new vehicle shortages across the country.
  • With new vehicles harder to find, more and more drivers are choosing to buy pre-owned.
  • As demand for pre-owned vehicles grows, supply shrinks—and dealerships like our own are willing to pay top dollar to add used vehicles just like yours to our lots!

Supply shortages won’t last forever, so let us know how we can help you sell your car in NJ today.

Can You Sell a Car Without a Title in NJ?

It’s important to have your paperwork in order when you’re getting ready to sell a car, but questions can arise if you need to act fast. Can you sell a car without a title in NJ? This is one question we hear all the time, but New Jersey does require a title to be present with each and every vehicle sale. If you’re missing a title, you can request a replacement through the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

What if you financed your purchase? In this case, the lien holder will retain possession of your title until you’ve finished repaying the loan—but don’t let that stop you from selling your car. Just bring us the name of your lender! Our team can contact them directly to acquire the title at the time of your purchase.

There is No Catch. We Want to Help You!

There are no obligations to sell your vehicle to us once an offer is made, and our offers are not contingent upon you purchasing a vehicle from our dealership. Our appraisal is free! We just want to help you get behind the wheel of a vehicle near Jersey City! Any number that you may see online is only an estimate, so come into the dealership to get an affirmed no-haggle price on the spot.

Sell Your Car to Land Rover Paramus Today!

Whether you are looking to sell your car in NJ, are looking for a second appraisal, or for a new Land Rover to get behind the wheel of, Land Rover Paramus has you covered. You can come visit us near Fort Lee, or reach out to us with any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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