Land Rover InControl

What is Land Rover InControl®?

If you’ve been shopping for a Land Rover and looking at the technology features offered, you may be wondering what Land Rover InControl® is, and how it works. The innovative InControl® infotainment system helps Ridgewood and Jersey City drivers access all the smartphone apps and in-vehicle operations effortless from the Land Rover high-definition touchscreen display. Explore about Land Rover InControl® at Land Rover Paramus, your local authorized retailer, and learn more about how Land Rover models stand out against competitors like Jeep!

Which Models Offer Land Rover InControl®?

The InControl® suite is available on new Land Rover vehicles and even recent model year used Land Rover vehicles. Note that with new Land Rover SUVs InControl® Apps, be sure to request InControl® Apps, as it can only be fitted at the factory.

How Does Land Rover InControl® Work?

Land Rover InControl® Apps: This feature allows drivers to use their favorite vehicle-optimized smartphone apps for seamless transition from home or work to the roads. Access calendars, music streaming, and more, on your Land Rover touchscreen when you connect your phone to the vehicle’s USB port.

  • InControl® Apps are compatible for smartphone devices: iPhones, Android Phones, and Apple Watches, and more, as long as you have USB media cables.

InControl Wi-Fi™: Jersey City drivers can enjoy a Wi-Fi Hotspot right in your car for up to eight devices at once, with 3GB of data for the three-month trial period.

Land Rover Connected Navigation: this suite is accessible with the upgraded InControl® Touch Pro™. With Connected Navigation, enjoy features including:

  • Live Apps means you can get compatible systems to talk to each other–for example, your navigation system can pull flight information and alert you of any changes.
  • Online search abilities via Connected Navigation means you can access sites like Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet, and more to find out information about your locale.
  • Real Time Traffic Flow, which gathers millions of pieces of data to provide the most up-to-date traffic information, so you can anticipate issues and reroute if needed.
  • Route Planner App door-to-door routing, which allows you to pick a destination from your smartphone even before you get in your car. Once in the car, the vehicle navigation takes over, and automatically passes the routing back to your smartphone once you exit the vehicle for pedestrian directions and more.
  • Satellite View and Street View both give you a better idea of unfamiliar surroundings so you can see exactly where you are and where you are headed, with a bird’s eye view or 360-degree panoramic street view.

Find Out More About Land Rover Innovations

Want to discover more advanced vehicle technologies in Fort Lee, like Adaptive Cruise Control? Take a look inside the interiors of Land Rover models like the Range Rover Evoque or the Range Rover to see what awaits. Then when you are ready to see these interiors and features in person, contact your local authorized Land Rover retailer to schedule a test drive.

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