Range Rover LWB vs. SWB

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What does SWB mean on Range Rover vehicles? If you’ve been browsing the latest specs on Land Rover SUVs in Paramus, you may have seen these letters next to a vehicle listing. “SWB” means short wheelbase (115 inches), while the letters “LWB” designate a wheelbase extension option (122.9 inches). So, what does SWB mean on Range Rover in terms of performance and costs? Land Rover Paramus covers all the bases concerning wheelbases below!

Short Wheelbase vs. Long Wheelbase: Performance Pros and Cons

The first question many Ridgewood and Jersey City drivers ask us: what does SWB mean on Range Rover in terms of off-road performance? Many come to us for Range Rover SUVs that lead their segments with their durable performance capabilities. So, which is going to be the best for you?

Range Rover LWB vs. SWB: Off-Roading 

  • The SWB off-road capabilities are going to be slightly better than those on an LWB Range Rover vehicle. That’s because you can get a maximum ramp angle of 28.2 degrees. The short wheelbase can get over steeper inclines and navigate difficult terrain with ease. 

Range Rover LWB vs. SWB: Pavement 

  • Maneuverability: You won’t be surprised to learn a short wheelbase helps you with sharp turns and tricky parking jobs in Fort Lee. 
  • Ride Quality: A huge advantage of a LWB vehicle is the smoother ride quality, all thanks to how more distance between axles helps your suspension systems absorb shock.

Range Rover LWB vs. SWB: Making the Right Choice

So, what does SWB mean on Range Rover is terms of price? Let’s look at some prices for the Range Rover SUV and see how these distinctions affect your wallet. 

  • Range Rover LWB vs. SWB Price: Starting at $92,000 MSRP, a Range Rover SWB is more affordable than an Range Rover LWB. That’s partly because the wheelbase extension is only available on higher trim levels. On this end of the lineup, there’s an average difference of $14,000 between LWB and SWB SUVs.
  • Trim Levels: The LWB is only available on higher trim levels. That’s another way of saying that the Range Rover SWB can be had in a wider variety of configurations. 

If you’re wondering about other options, this article about the difference between the “Land Rover” and “Range Rover” monikers is a great place to start.

Range Rover LWB vs. SWB: Interior Space

One final aspect of this LWB vs. SWB matchup is of crucial importance to many: your interior space. As you may imagine, an LWB vehicle gives you significantly more space for both passengers and cargo. This especially makes a difference for your rear-seat passengers:

Range Rover SWB Interior Dimensions

  • 2nd-Row Legroom: 39.2 inches
  • Cargo Volume (With Rear folded down): 70.9 cubic feet

Range Rover LWB Interior Dimensions

  • 2nd-Row Legroom: 46.8 inches
  • Cargo Volume (With Rear Seats folded down): 77.5 cubic feet

Compare Range Rover LWB vs. SWB SUVs at Land Rover Paramus

The long and the short of it: an SWB model is great for flexible off-road performance, while the more expensive LWB Range Rover models offer a roomy smooth-driving and cargo-hauling experience. We’re happy to say that we have options for Paramus drivers hoping to finance either model at Land Rover Paramus! Contact us today to set up an appointment for a test drive and find out which is right for you.

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