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How Does Land Rover 4x4 Work?

land rover 4x4

The innovative Land Rover 4×4 system is capable of taking you just about anywhere, but how does it actually work? On spec sheets, Land Rover 4×4 is listed as permanent All-Wheel Drive because it’s smarter and more responsive than other 4WD systems–which are traditionally driver-activated, providing continuous power while engaged.

Although Land Rover 4×4 is both adaptive and full-time, it’s only an improvement on classic four-wheel drive systems; it loses none of the off-road capabilities associated with traditional 4WD, and indeed improves upon them in many ways. Find out exactly what we mean before you hit the trails.

Which Land Rover SUVs Offer 4×4 Technology?

All Land Rover SUVs come standard with exclusive Land Rover 4×4 technology. After all, would it really be a Land Rover if it couldn’t take you off the beaten path? While certain vehicles offer more impressive features to complement the Land Rover 4×4 system, you can trust any of the following SUVs to handle confidently in virtually all conditions:

Although Land Rover 4×4 makes all of these SUVs exceptionally capable, no vehicle puts the brand’s off-road technologies to better use than the new Land Rover Defender.

AWD vs. 4WD vs. 4×4

Given what we’ve said above, you can see that the difference between AWD, 4WD, and 4×4 isn’t always so cut and dry. We’ve disentangled their overlapping meanings for our neighbors:

  • All-wheel drive(AWD) is generally used to refer to systems which automatically direct power to the third and fourth wheels when needed. Generally, AWD is sought out by drivers who spend most of their time on paved Ridgewood and Jersey City roads.
  • Four-wheel drive (4WD) usually describes full-time systems that direct continuous power to all four wheels when engaged. Many, but not all 4WD are activated with a button or a dial. They’re often less efficient than AWD systems, but still preferred by drivers who like to be able to go off-road.
  • 4×4 is almost always used interchangeably with four-wheel drive, but you should know that the first number refers to the number of wheels on the vehicle, while the second refers to the number of wheels that receive power. It is technically possible for a vehicle to have 4WD and not be 4×4–but only if it has more than four wheels.

What Makes Land Rover 4×4 So Capable?

Land Rover 4×4 is a powerful tool in its own right, but it’s the inclusion of a wide range of additional technologies that makes it so unique:

  • Traction Control, Hill Descent Control, and Terrain Response®–which allows you to customize your vehicle’s behavior to suit any number of climates and surface conditions–allow you to make the most of your 4×4 system’s incredible power.
  • Most Land Rover vehicles also offer you an extraordinary range of camera views, so you never get taken by surprise on the trails. Some can even map the terrain beneath your vehicle and represent it digitally on your touchscreen display!
  • Features like All-Terrain Progress Control are even more impressive. This technology can automatically direct power to all four wheels, moving you forward at a constant speed that you set by hand. This frees you up to steer and focus on obstacles.

Don’t forget: you can get more out of all these features when you equip the best off-road tires for your vehicle.

Experience Land Rover 4×4 Technology at Land Rover Paramus

If you’re ready to find out how your favorite Land Rover SUV handles Fort Lee-area trails and highways, start shopping our virtual showroom now. We’re easy to reach in Paramus, and we have a full selection of new and pre-owned vehicles on our lot. We already know you’ll love what they can do.

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